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Winfield, KS Circa 1940's



When we decided to open the PlanIt World Midwest Operations Center, we wanted to contribute to helping revitalize the community in a small way.  We are currently renovating a historic building from the 1920's and bringing another business to town!


We also found ourselves with some extra space and have decided to hopefully incubate some dreams and inspire some new ideas using the PW PROjects brand using our community flex space.


We want to build strong relationships with entrepreneurs, community groups, and small businesses in Middle America.  Our founder, Andrea Ball, is from Cowley County. KS. Several of our team members are also moms from the area who are growing the next generation of citizens. Winfield continuing to grow and prosper is a personal and professional goal for us and part of our overall vision. 

9th ave west winfield ks.jpg

Once Upon a Time...

This postcard depicts the view down West 9th Avenue in Winfield, KS just before the building we are renovating was built. To learn more about the 150 years of history in Winfield, KS, visit. the Cowley County Historical Society.

The Great Flood

Our building, obscured by the tree on the left-hand side of this photo, was originally built as a bakery in the 1920's. Given the waist high water, there is no question that soggy bread was a real possibility during this time. Luckily flood control measures are in place today and this kind of devastation will not happen again in the downtown area.

221 W 9th.jpg
aerial winfield.jpg

Located Here

Mid Century Middle America

Winfield thrived throughout the 20th century and still continues to be a hub of commerce for the area.  It offers a vibrant arts scene and supports several retail, industrial and agricultural businesses. PW Projects, located 1.5 blocks from the busiest intersection, in town, at 9th and Main, served previously as a bakery, electrical contractor, tanning salon, and several retail stores in the last 100ish years. Renovated in the 1980's by Charlie and Ida Finney (Finn's Electric), the building was fully upgraded to modern code at that time.

Before PW Projects

Before we purchased the space in late 2022 and started converting it to offices and community flex space, it was most recently a children's resale boutique. Still beautiful down to her brick bones, she needed a fresh coat of paint, some minor construction repairs, new flooring, updated LED lighting, energy efficient HVAC, and now, she's back and better than ever!  

cupcake retail.jpg

The Vision for the Future

We will update the renovation/restoration gallery soon as the building updates are finished, but here is a sneak peek of our planned work and design samples!  This "old girl" has so much original historic charm, including a brick facade on the exterior of the building and the beautiful original tin celling inside. It is swoon worthy.

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