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Music Festival

PlanIt World professionals ensuring your meetings, trade shows, festivals, and special events reflect your values, captivate your attendees and support your goals, and probably even save you money with our experienced contract negotiation skills.


 From complete concept and implementation to small projects within your larger strategy, our team never forgets that exceeding your expectations is our first priority.


We integrate ourselves as an extension of your organization for seamless communication with your attendees and strive to ensure your vision is reflected in every detail.

Wedding Venue

2023 PW Managed Events...


From full service management to handling a portion of your larger event or trade show planning and implementation.  We can customize a solution to fit your needs.


 There is no question that tourism events bring economic advantages to communities and enjoyment for visitors and locals. However, proper planning and execution is the key to success. We can help.

Special & Social EVENTS

Don't let your special day be ruined by the stress of planning and running your own party! Let us deal with the details and you can spend your time making memories!


Are you understaffed and overworked? Do you need an extra set of hands or some experienced event planning advice? Don't learn from your mistakes or try and reinvent the wheel.  We can help you learn the ropes of being an event planner.

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