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Publicity: Generally, when many groups say they want public relations, they really mean they want publicity. They want their name in the paper, online, on television, and on the radio. Publicity is getting unpaid media (radio, TV, press) to pay attention, write you up, endorse your products, point to you, run a picture, and make a commotion. We can help you do that effectively.

Public Relations: PR is the strategic manufacturing of complex conversations and interactions with a range of audiences. It’s the focused examination of your interactions and tactics and when combined, determines what and how people ‘talk’ about you. It involves formative research, strategy, tactical thought, and ongoing evaluation. It is a massive job and can be difficult to measure effectiveness in the short term. We have expertise creating and driving the conversation. We have rebranded and refocused a national organization using public relations strategy and we can help you do the same.

Websites and Social Media: If you already have a website, social media should be part of your integrated marketing plan to help drive traffic to your domain. Conversely, your website should help drive people to your social media platforms. If you are only on social media, you should strongly consider creating a website to further your online marketing efforts. We can help you with all of these online efforts. We can even take on tasks like ghost writing your blog or sharing your conference in real time socially! Let us create and update your online presence so it is engaging and most important, always current.

Audio Visual: PLANiT WORLD has a large inventory of audio visual equipment. In most cases we can provide audio visual needs for your convention or event and bypass expensive hotel rentals and outside production companies. From conference speakers to Karaoke…we will have you be seen and be heard loud and clear!

Photography/Video: Regardless if you needs are small like documenting your convention keynote speaker or large, like creating a commercial for national TV, we provide our clients creative direction, copy writing, expert advice, photographers, videography services, and recommendations on utilizing the content after the fact. Don’t let your archived, media files languish. Let us help you make the memories and share them!

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