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Using a marketing budget effectively can be a challenge. Many groups try the approach of throwing noodles at a wall and seeing what sticks which is not the most effective use of your marketing dollars. We can help you create a campaign that is cohesively branded and maximizes your dollars in a way that is most effective for your message. We have a track record of success in the following areas and more.

Advertising Campaigns: We have developed award winning advertising campaigns in print, broadcast, and online media that maximize your marketing investment and, more importantly, help you analyze your return on investment.

Social Campaigns: Social media can be a great free tool to leverage your message, however, you can significantly increase your followers and post success by combining paid and organic social media marketing and we can help. We manage several social media accounts across many disciplines. Let us raise your profile online and you don’t have to deal with the details!

Influencer Campaigns: We can help you organize a successful, influencer campaign. This marketing tactic invites an influential person or celebrity to participate in an event like a dinner, speech, or host an online social media blitz. These events are typically meant to impress, raise funds, motivate an audience, or drive attendance and we can help you leverage your marketing budget to get the most effective exposure for your money.

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