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PLANiT WORLD is a full service management company. Our team creates unique solutions for each client and strives to surpass the status quo. We offer outstanding customer service, extensive reach, unparalleled industry contacts, and a track record of success.

Associations: PLANiT WORLD is the solution to overworked volunteers and under-served members in small to medium sized associations. Members will see value in the services we provide and the Board of Directors will have time to move programs forward, rather than be bogged down in administrative details.

Non-Profits: PLANiT WORLD understands the unique needs of foundations and charitable organizations, which play a vital role in the social well-being of our nation. We are proud to serve these organizations by believing in what they do, helping them provide a means for people to contribute their time, resources, and expertise for the greater good.

Business: We understand that starting a business can be daunting. It involves planning, making ongoing financial decisions, completing a series of legal documents, marketing, and staffing. PLANiT WORLD can walk you through the steps, while providing the administrative staff that you need to grow. Why have a staff of one when you can have a COO, administrative assistant, publicist, and bookkeeper helping you succeed as a CEO?

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