Make Welcome Entertainment

Putting roots music artists in the spotlight


We are a full-service artist management firm, providing all the

services necessary for promotion - booking, management, and publicity.

By combining these services, country, bluegrass, and roots music artists will have a streamlined voice that complements their vocals on stage!



What We Do

You could use three separate companies for management, booking, and publicity ... or you could have all three handled by one firm.  We'll take care of it all so you can focus on making great music!


Management:  Make Welcome works closely with artists with handling tasks such as:

  • Shopping demo tapes

  •  Booking concert venues

  •  Overseeing marketing efforts

  •  Handling band finances

  •  Signing contracts

  •  Managing all other aspects of the business side of music 



  • Assist with preparation of demo CD for distribution to event producers – offer advice on song selection, art, and packaging

  • Create printed marketing collateral to distribute to event producers

  • Write professional contract and rider

  • Research and arrange bookings



  • Create and update Electronic Press Kit

  • Pitch bloggers, music media and other appropriate media

  • Create and maintain social media presence

  • Press releases announcing band news and events

  • Create and maintain website

Start Your Creative Engines & Get Ready to ROLL...

Here’s the “TP”... Pick one of our songs and make a video... lip sync it, be creative with it or just dance in your fancy pants!   Post to Facebook or Instagram using the #RollOnMakeWelcome.  We will pick a winner for a package of our best 2-ply, braggin’ rights and feature the winning video online!



How to Enter Contest:

1. Publish your original content to the Make Welcome Facebook Page with #RollOnMakeWelcome. 


2. Share to all your social media platforms from the posting on the Make Welcome Facebook Page.  Entries that are not shared and tagged with #RollOnMakeWelcome will not be counted toward the contest.


3. Be respectful of copyright and do not use material which you do not own the rights. Any submission violating the rights of copyright holders will be deleted. By entering, you acknowledge the ownership or permission to use the content created and will hold Make Welcome harmless for any claims related thereto.


Contest Rules: 

Downloaders are granted a limited license to create content with the downloaded material for the purpose of this contest. All content created is the sole property of Make Welcome. Make Welcome reserves the right to use any and all content as deemed proper. The content creator will be given credit for their respective work, but no other compensation will be provided.  The content which receives the most social media interaction by April 30, 2020 at midnight will win the grand prize of one pack of premium toilet tissue.  Make Welcome reserves the right to refuse any content and to end the contest at any time. All contents must be respectful, KEEP IT CLEAN, no vulgarity or material deemed inappropriate by Make Welcome. 


This contest in no way is intended to make light of the horrible situation facing this world with regards to the pandemic we are facing. This is an attempt at levity and entertainment during these trying times and pokes fun at the hoarding of a basic commodity

Birth to a Legend: Goodbye to a Friend - Jimmy Carr
150 Old Mims Road - Joe Rucker
Cold on the Ground - Stacy Grubb
In America - Sammy Sadler